Welcome to the Candy Museum

In Frk. Fine's Museum you will get to know everything about candy:
History, traditions and how it was made.

Candymaking in Denmark has a long tradition. Even today it is still a custom, that danish families make hard candy and lollipops together. Big fun for children and adults.

As in Germany and other european countries, hard candy was made by the help of "candy making machines" and "cylinders", the classic hard candy, the "bolsje" as it is called in danish, was made and still is made by hand. The manufacturing of these "rocks" or "rockets" is almost forgotten beyond danish borders.

Candy making machines, as you can see it on the page, were not in use in Denmark and were hardly known. In our museum you can experience how hard candy was made a hundred years ago by candy cylinders in candy making machines. The displayed machines are over a hundred years old and even the recipes are.

Further more you can find out everything about clear toy candy moulds and see how clear toy candy was handmade by the help of almost one hundred year old moulds. Find out more about it here.

In the museum we save and revive traditions. You can support us. Find out more here .